Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Sweet Report: Tips on Senior Care and Senior Housing

Hi! We thought you'd like to know that La Dolce Living, Inc.,  the most trusted and comprehensive online directory of senior care homes in California, Florida, Arizona and the rest of the United States, is starting an email newsletter, and we'd love to keep you posted about interesting and important news, special discounts from our partner vendors, updates and special features on our website-

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We will be giving out tips on choosing the right senior care facility for your aging loved ones, how to choose a caregiver, preparing for retirement and a lot more to help you care for Seniors!

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Senior Care Made Simple and Sweet! 

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Nursing Care Oakland said...

Hi all...

Housing options for seniors have exploded in recent years, ranging from aging in place something most seniors say they prefer to new senior communities such as greenhouse nursing homes and elder villages. Thanks a lot.