Thursday, January 21, 2010

Senior-proofing Your Home

Aging at home has been one of the most popular choices among seniors today. This is the reason why home safety should be a top priority to prevent injuries from happening. As people grow older, the danger of falling becomes more and more serious as it may cause injuries that may pose serious health risks.

To get safety tips on how to prepare your home for your aging parents, click the link below:

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Senior Caregiver said...

Great Tips! I am currently taking care of a loved one so I do consider myself a caregiver. This task can be very overwheling which is why I do research on senior care giving. Your post serves as a great resource. Another great resource I came upon was the Sunrise Senior Living website. They have a whole section of their site devoted senior safety and fall proofing your home for seniors. Check it out if you have the chance: