Monday, November 1, 2010

Voting Tips For Seniors

Here are quick tips for voters, including seniors, before heading to the polls tomorrow:

1. Be sure you are registered to vote. Click here to contact your local election official to double check if you are registered to vote.

2. Know where and when to vote. To check your voting location and poll hours, click here. Most polls close between 6pm to 9pm so be sure to check the poll hours. Note, that the voting location might have changed from the last time you voted so it will be wise to check the location and poll hours before you vote.

3. Find out the ID requirements. Please note that it might vary per state. Click here to check the ID needed in your state to cast your ballot. Bringing your passport or your driver's license should be okay, but checking ID requirements is recommended.

4. Allocate Time. Allocate plenty of time. You'll never know if you'll hit be bad traffic and if there will be long lines. Usually, mid-morning or early afternoon won't be as crowded.

5. Bring your sample ballot. This will definitely help you complete the official ballot faster. 

6. Vote wisely. Vote for the candidates who can help our nation. Be wise. Remember, every vote counts.

These voting tips will not only save you time, but it will also help you avoid any hassle on election day.

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