Thursday, October 14, 2010

Moving Seniors To A Care Home

Everyone caring for an aging loved one wants to know the answer to this important question: When is the right time to move your elderly loved one to an Assisted Living, Nursing Home or Senior Housing Facility?

This is definitely not an easy question.  For a family caregiver, the decision as to when the right time to move an aging loved one to an assisted living, nursing home or other types of senior care home is usually tricky.  Actually, the right timing of moving an elderly loved one to a senior care home usually depends on the family members. One family may decide that moving an elderly loved one to an assisted living is appropriate because caregiving is getting difficult and more demanding. While another family may decide to move an aging loved one to a nursing home because of the medical conditions affecting the senior relative. However, for some, moving to a senior care facility may not be necessary since they just need a caregiver to care for the elderly loved one at home. There are several factors and reasons to consider when moving an aging relative to a senior care home such as finances, medical conditions, personal preference and a lot more.

Whatever the reason is, be sure to think about it carefully and involve your aging parent to make things easier and less stressful.

Here are some senior care guidelines that will help you decide whether a move to a senior care home is necessary for your aging relative:

Helping You Decide on the Best Senior Housing

Evaluating Your Aging Parent’s Needs
Identifying Senior Activities Your Aging Parent’s Want
Knowing Your Caregiving Capabilities
Understanding Your Aging Parent’s Medical Condition
Knowing Your Senior Housing Options

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